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Azure Saga - Pathfinder

Video Game (PC/Steam) - 2018

Soundtrack for the game Azure Saga - Pathfinder. Viola solo - Joshua Tedjasurya.

String section recorded at Studio 8 Bandung.


Concerto for violin and orchestra (17') - 2017

Commissioned by Alumni ITB 77. A violin concerto in 3 movements - a musical story about the composer's experience growing up in Bandung, Indonesia. Premiered by ITB Orchestra with soloist Arya Kitti.

Fivelive Magnificent

Musical Collaboration (30') - 2016

Commissioned by SMAN 5 Bandung, a collaboration of multiple ensembles and orchestra. Worked as composer for an original theme and arrangement/orchestration.

Chill Out! Zombies

Video Game (iOS/Android) - 2016

Soundtrack for the game Chill Out Zombies by Masshive Media.

Menanam Pohon

Jingle - 2015

Commissioned by Kementrian Lingkungan Hidup dan Kehutanan Republik Indonesia.

Vimala Defense Warlords

Video Game (iOS/Android) - 2014

Soundtrack for the game Vimala Defense Warlords by MassHive Media.

String section recorded at Studio 8 Bandung.

Heroes Unite!

Video Game (iOS/Android) - 2014

Soundtrack for the game Heroes Unite! by Nightspade.

Animal Pirates

Video Game (iOS/Android) - 2014

Soundtrack for the game Animal Pirates by Nightspade.

Give A Dam!

Video Game (iOS/Android) - 2012

Soundtrack for the game Give A Dam! by Nightspade.

AMAGO - Amazing Animals of The Archipelago

Video Game (iOS/Android) - 2012

Soundtrack for the game AMAGO by Nightspade. INAICTA winner, 2011.

Mahagita Nusantara

Concert - 2011

As conductor/music director & arranger, ITB Student Orchestra.

A concert with the overture "Mahagita Nusantara", a symphonic work based on Indonesian traditional songs.

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