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Born in Bandung, Indonesia, Aji's first exposure to classical music was at age 8, when he listened to Mozart's Symphony 40 on the classic Windows 3.1  - back where soundcards were just introduced to home computers. Although it was not a real, live performance, he's loved classical music ever since. He started learning the piano, and soon after he fell in love with music as much as he fell in love with video games. Becoming a video game composer has always been his dream.

His musical journey continues as he joined an angklung ensemble in high school, where he first learned how to conduct and arrange for an ensemble. He also performed in his university orchestra as a cellist. In 2010, he was appointed as the music director of ITB Student Orchestra. 

After graduating with a Bachelor of Design degree from ITB, he worked as a creative director/composer for Nightspade game studio, where he wrote music for award-winning games such as Amago.


He became a conducting fellow at the Bandung Philharmonic in its 2016-2017 season, learning conducting under the guidance of Maestro Robert Nordling.

He studied film scoring under Indra Perkasa at Sjuman School for Music Education, and obtained his film scoring diploma In 2020.

As a composer for video games, Aji has worked on many game projects for various game developers, involving talented local orchestra musicians to create a diverse set of works. In his process of music making, he always aims to celebrate the different sounds of different genres - he draws inspiration from Baroque, classical and romantic music of Bach, Beethoven and Brahms, to the pop sounds of Taylor Swift and repetitive sounding EDM, various world music, and a touch of gamelan and angklung influence from his home country. 

He also writes concert music, where his main exploration is mostly on Indonesian traditional music, repainted with orchestra and chamber ensembles. His latest work includes a concerto for violin and orchestra titled "Bandung", which was premiered at the historical hall of Merdeka Building in Bandung, Indonesia.

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